Jobs and the Economy

Mark Blake knows that the Government’s role can not create private sector jobs.   Government’s role is to create the right environment and opportunities that will attract companies here. Only expansion of existing companies and new companies locating here can create more jobs and employ local residents.

Mark’s real-world business experience makes him as the best candidate for County Executive in 2016. A candidate that will bring fresh ideas to New Castle County to help foster a fair and balanced approach for both new and existing companies to prosper and expand. Mark’s 25+ years combination of both corporate and small business, hands on experience are what’s been lacking in our past and current County administrations. It’s time to elect an Executive as the next County Executive of New Castle County, someone that has had to actually meet and exceed financial goals and live within a unchangeable budget.

Mark will develop a comprehensive plan for economic development that will actively seek out new businesses and bring them to New Castle County.  His experience in the business community uniquely positions him to help make New Castle County attractive to businesses as the ideal location for new companies to locate, grow, and prosper, while making sure to help keep our existing businesses here as well. We must implement new economic development policies and offer initiatives that let us compete with the surrounding areas and that means we must actively work to entice new businesses to look at coming here.

Using established and time-proven “Best Practices” from the business world, we can reinvent our County government so that it becomes more efficient and easier to work with, while preserving and strengthening community input and involvement on development projects. We’ll identify all the available vacant, abandoned, and “brown-field” parcels that currently exist all across New Castle County and combine that with the latest traffic studies to determine what areas could support a possible project without having to invest in massive roadway improvements and infrastructure (think of the former GM & Chrysler plants). By doing that, we could react more quickly to bring good development projects and jobs here.

Simply put, our County Government hasn’t been responsive to the needs of our residents or our businesses. we have to take the best methods that other areas of the Country have used and bring those successful methods here!