Land Use Policy

I’ll actually push forward with revising the cumbersome and bloated, Unified Development Code (UDC), making if fair for both business and residents, respecting  ALL property owners’ rights.  Land use policies should apply equally to every landowner and citizen and not be subject to special treatment or personal favors or relationships. Our land use policies and codes should never favor a select few at the expense of other businesses, taxpayers, and the communities we all live in. The time for selective treatment and punitive actions in land use and County government, has to end.

Traffic Impact Studies (TIS’s) should not be waived when large-scale rezoning or new projects are being proposed.   I will work with the County Council and the Land Use Department to establish Targeted Development Zones (TDZ’s) in which we will inventory all available parcels in New Castle County that are either vacant; largely underutilized; or that have been identified as “Brownfield” areas.  The key is all TDZ parcels will already have the necessary infrastructure needed to allow for streamlined development for potential business and redevelopment, such as adequate traffic capacity; sewer capacity; public transit corridors; and the appropriate zoning classification.  An example of this would be College Square shopping center in Newark, that is mostly vacant, but already has all of the needed infrastructure that would otherwise have to be built, at substantial cost to taxpayers, if such a project were planned for a vacant parcel (Green field) development.

We lost thousands of good paying jobs when GM and Chrysler closed and we’ve been losing hundreds more as Astra Zeneca downsized their operations. Blue collar or white collar, we need to have Land Use policies that bring new jobs to our County.

In my administration as County Executive, the Civic groups, businesses, developers and the general public will all have a voice and a seat at the table, further ensuring that the Land Use process in New Castle County is dealt with fairly and openly for everyone concerned. The land use process will truly become open and transparent and the days of back-room deals will end.