Open and Transparent Government

I firmly believe that the County Executive must conduct business with integrity and transparency and be honest in all dealings.  The ethical issues and concerns of the past cannot be allowed to continue for another 4 years. It seems that nothing has changed from the previous administration and the drama only continues today, just with a few new players and names in the soap opera.

Every citizen should be able to have faith that their government and elected officials are actually working for the common good and betterment of our County.  Every citizen needs to be confident that our government and the County Executive represent their interests and isn’t working or using the office for to provide a few friends or special interest groups with political or financial favors and incentives that end up costing taxpayers millions. Cronyism has no place in our government.

I will issue an executive directive that all County Departments broadcast All public meetings by streaming them over the Internet.  Engagement is important and you will be able to watch your elected officials and government in action, even when you’re unable to attend in person.

Creation of an Inspector General, who will have full authority to investigate and prosecute ethical issues and violations anywhere in County Operations will help ensure that no one is above the law in NCC Government.  The Inspector General will report to the Citizens and will be your watchdog, ensuring honesty in government – this premise is supported by several open government and “watch-dog” groups in Delaware.

The time for an honest and hardworking County Executive is long overdue and I’ve always led by example throughout my years as a Community Civic Leader and in my personal and professional life and I will continue to do so as your County Executive.