About Mark Blake

Mark Blake is a well-known and respected member of Civic and Community groups county-wide.  He has been active in promoting sound land use practices, always striving to strike a balance with residents, the business community and developers.

Mark served as the President of GHADA (Greater Hockessin Area Development Association) for three years.  (GHADA is one of the oldest civic umbrella groups in New Castle County and represents about 15,000 residents.)  He was GHADA’s vice president and land use chairman for five years prior to being elected president and is currently the Vice President, with over 12 years of volunteer service to the Hockessin community.

Blake has been instrumental in providing sound recommendations, alternative proposals and acceptable solutions that have improved and preserved the quality of life for all county residents.  His leadership style has been praised by both businesspeople and residents alike as straightforward and professional.  He is always prepared with alternative and innovative ideas and solutions.

Time-proven management practices and common sense have guided Mark’s professional career and community leadership for over 25 years.  He has worked for two Fortune 500 companies in the Electric Utility industry, where he had global P&L responsibilities.  In addition, he has started and owned successful small businesses, which were later acquired by larger companies.  Mark is a Master Electrician and a former IBEW member, that started and operated two small businesses including a successful electrical contracting business and an energy consulting services company.

Mark’s unique background from his small town roots and small business creation and life experiences as a global businessperson, provide him with the skills needed to effectively lead and manage the second largest government in Delaware.

Mark holds degrees in Business Management and International Business from Hesser College in Nashua, N.H. and New Hampshire College, in Manchester, N.H.

Mark and his wife, Kelly, live in Hockessin Hunt.